LFE Community Resources

Mail List and Social Media

If you'd like to ask questions or just keep in touch with the project, you can do so via:

Contributing Code

If you'd like to work on the source code for LFE, you can checkout master from github and then submit a pull request when done.

Bug fixes and new features are done against the develop branch, so be sure that your pull request is for a merge into that one!

If you'd like to file a bug or make a feature request, you can submit an issue.

Helping with Documentation

If you've got a good idea for the LFE docs, you can create an issue or fork the docs and then submit a pull request when done. If you've got any questions about the docs, feel free to email the maintainer or use the mail list and Twitter account listed below.

Docs Site Acknowlegements

The logo that the site uses for Lisp Flavored Erlang was originally taken from one done by an individual who went ny the name "Starexterminator" in 2009. You can get the original on the Open Clip Art Library site.

We made several significant changes to the .svg, including color changes, layer removals, removing the tea bag and the original logo from the mug. We added the "Erlang" and the lambda ;-)

The site design itself is one of the Github pages templates, originally created by Matt Graham. It is the Midnight template with modifications to heading styles, top nav, and font colors. Simply put, the LFE site provides more green ;-) Thanks, Matt!

Code from the Wild

Be sure to check out the "Examples" section of the Docs page, as we have collected a list of project and code samples that folks have put up in various corners of Github -- all for your convenience!